Popular Bathroom faucets

Popular Bathroom Faucets Spring 2022

When renovating a bathroom, updating the fixtures is one of the most impactful changes you can make. While flooring and countertop materials are also key elements, your fixtures are almost like the “jewelry” on your bathroom “outfit,” so to speak. They call attention to beautiful counters, statement sinks, elegant tubs, and luxurious showers. The following are a few of the top trends in bathroom faucets this spring.

Contrasting Finishes and Materials

The objective when mixing and matching finishes and materials is for all of the elements in your bathroom remodel to complement each other for a balanced and beautiful bathroom. If you would like to mix metals or finishes, most interior designers will recommend using a maximum of three. This enables you to add interest without getting out of balance visually. It’s also important to avoid mixing two metals in the same color family.  For example, if brushed nickel is one of your picks, avoid shiny chrome as the two are similar in color but will not form a cohesive look because they are too close to each other. Coordination, rather than matching, is your goal when mixing metals and finishes.

Single Handles

Single handle designs have become hugely popular bathroom faucet products. They are an ideal choice for older people or those suffering from arthritis, as they are user-friendly, and turning them is virtually effortless. Installation of a single handle faucet is simple and requires the drilling of only one hole. In addition, these faucets can be a great choice to complement small sinks or small bathroom spaces in general, as they utilize less space than a double handle faucet.

Wheel Knobs

One way to add serious style to your bathroom design is to choose a faucet with standout handles. Using industrial style in your home’s interior design has been popular for several years, and manufacturers have capitalized on that trend by creating new industrial-style faucets and other bathroom fixtures. Wheel knobs have long been used in industrial plumbing applications and are still used in many commercial applications today. Some leading manufacturers have been inspired by that detail and introduced elegant takes on wheel knob designs. The faucet and the valve wheel handle are typically mounted to the wall or backsplash but can be mounted on the counter, as well.

Vintage Style

What is vintage style? Vintage decor usually employs design elements that are from or inspired by design eras under 100 years old. Putting together a vintage design will require you to select your favorite bathroom style from eras past and make your design choices accordingly. Stand-alone tubs and traditional tile options are key elements in a vintage design, but ornamental faucets in retro-inspired finishes can tie together a vintage look perfectly.

Vintage bath taps, golden tap with a green wall

Water Monitoring

The look of a faucet is an important element of your design style. However, as concern for the future of our planet grows, so does interest in utilizing water conservation elements in homes. High-performance, water-efficient fixtures help reduce water use and save money on your water bill. Water-conserving faucets allow homeowners to control their water usage to conserve as needed.