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We Install Custom Bathroom Cabinets

We will measure, design, build and install custom cabinets in your bathroom for only slightly more than you would spend on mass-produced, builder-grade cabinets. 

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Remodeling your bathroom is all about giving it that custom look it deserves! Getting rid of any tired or dull-looking bathroom and getting a new, refreshing bathroom is what you deserve!

Custom Cabinet by Bath Envy
Custom cabinets we installed in McKinney with space to manage your most used vanity accessories.

One option to update any bathroom is custom cabinets. With so many varieties of custom cabinets, you can get very creative within your bathroom space to create a beautiful place of tranquility.  

While custom cabinets can be a little more expensive, they are incredibly important for making a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your space. Your custom cabinets should be purchased through reputable companies that have good reviews and that take the time to explain your custom cabinet options. You should never feel rushed when making a decision about an expensive purchase. You should understand the options that come with creating custom cabinets, and you should feel confident in your decision and happy with the remodel results.

Making sure you have custom cabinets in your Master Bathroom is one of the most important things that you can do in that room. You might be thinking that custom isn’t exactly necessary if they will be hidden away in your bathroom, but custom cabinets actually serve an incredibly useful function, even if their primary job is just to blend into the background.

Custom Cabinets: What’s so Important About Them?

When you pay for custom cabinets, there’s more to it than just spending a little more money on them. You also get custom features like soft close hinges, custom hardware and custom sizes all for your Master Bathroom remodel. That custom touch can make a world of difference in how aesthetically pleasing the space is.

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Custom Cabinets have Plenty More Uses

While custom cabinets are important mostly because of how they look, they actually have many other uses in your Master Bathroom, including:

-Heavy Duty Shelving – Cabinets can be used to store towels or even bath toys so that everything has its place in your bathroom instead of being strewn around the room because there’s nowhere to put it. Keeping everything contained in custom cabinets will help to keep your bathroom organized! You can create a Master Bathroom that has a Spa Oasis feel to it with custom cabinets. With the custom shelving, you can store not just towels, but all of your bathroom items to make your spa-like experience come true! Your custom cabinets can house your make-up section, face products, hair product, men’s shaving accessories, nail products, and anything else you can think of to create the perfect dream spa bathroom! Regular cabinets can sag or have weak shelves when it comes to storing too many items. Heavy duty shelving in custom cabinets allows you to store as much as you want!

– Custom Hardware and Soft Close Hinges The options for custom hardware on your custom cabinets are almost unending. It is best to choose the color or stain of your custom cabinets first, then you will want to coordinate your hardware with your custom cabinets. There are many different types of materials to choose from when looking at custom cabinet hardware. For example, you can choose wooden hardware, metal, or glass. You can have the wooden hardware stained or painted to match your custom cabinet color paint or stain. For metal hardware, there is a variety of color options such as brushed nickel, oil bronzed, silver, or black. There is an endless variety of glass hardware that comes in almost every color you can think of and creates a nice piece of art as part of your custom cabinets.

 – Custom Sizing While custom cabinets aren’t exactly known as room dividers, they absolutely play that role in your custom Master Bathroom. Because custom cabinets are custom, you will find that they fit perfectly into any space and allow you to divide up your bath area easily if need be. Your custom cabinets should fit into your bathroom like a glove. That is the entire point of having custom is that they are made to order in any size, shape, form you desire! The sky is the limit when choosing where you want your custom cabinets to go and how much space you want your custom cabinets to take up in your bathroom!

-To Paint or Stain? Today, there are more choices for custom cabinet colors than ever. There used to be just the run-of-the-mill stain colors such as brown, dark brown, black, and cherry. But with the option of paint colors on custom cabinets, especially the current trending colors of dark grey, navy, light grey, white, and mint, there are many options to choose from. It will take some time to decide based on the coordinating colors of your bathroom tile, lighting, flooring, and other bathroom options. Just remember, the color paint or the stain color you chose for your custom cabinets can give your bathroom a more spacious, luxurious look!

Custom Cabinets: Getting Them Right

While custom cabinets might sound expensive at first, it’s important to consider the fact that custom features don’t actually cost more than normal off-the-shelf items. When manufacturers produce cabinets on a large scale, costs decrease because they use standard sizing and hardware. Custom items have custom sizing and custom hardware, which requires much more work from the manufacturer because they will have to create a custom product for any bathroom remodel. However, this shouldn’t scare you away from creating a custom cabinet dream bathroom! You get so many more features when creating a dream bathroom when you purchase custom cabinets. Custom cabinets may end up costing less in the long run rather than the cheaper options as well because they will last much longer than prefabricated cabinets.

Custom Cabinets: Making Them Yours

You can’t go wrong with custom cabinets from Bath Envy because they will fit seamlessly into your custom space and all the custom items will have been selected just for you! Take some time to look at all the custom cabinet options that are available to you. We are happy to help you choose whatever works for your bathroom space so that you can create your own dream bathroom


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