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Bathroom Vanities come in a wide variety of styles and colors. There are different materials that you can use to create a beautiful vanity area in your bathroom. Typically, a bathroom vanity is the focal point of any bathroom and there can be mirrors or paintings or even a beautifully tiled accent wall to tie into the rest of the bathroom for your vanity.  

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 Double Sink Vanity: Choosing You will want to take the time to decide what style bathroom vanity you will be choosing when you remodel your bathroom. If you are remodeling your master bathroom, you may want to choose a larger vanity that has double sinks to accommodate more than one person. Also, if you are updating a different bathroom vanity in Mckinney, there are a lot of bathrooms that look fantastic with a 72-inch double sink vanity. The latest trends have the mid-priced vanities coming in different colors and have a nice granite topper, backsplash, and sinks all in the same package.  

Single Sink Vanity: A single sink vanity doesn’t have to be small, there can be a lot of counter space to go with single sink vanity. For instance, in some master bathrooms, there is one space for a smaller single sink vanity and then in another area of the same bathroom, you can add a larger single sink vanity that has more drawers or cabinets and a larger space for countertop storage. If you are choosing a smaller bathroom to remodel, it may be a bathroom vanity to replace the medicine cabinets above the sink or toilet. There are smaller vanities that come with nice amounts of storage, a mirror, and even hooks to hang your towels from to maximize the smaller bathroom space. A single bathroom vanity that is darker in a light bathroom can also be a nice contrasting look that creates an artistic feel in any bathroom.  

Suspended Vanity: A trend that seems to be constant is the suspended bathroom vanity. A suspended bathroom vanity can create a nice space underneath and make a bathroom look larger than it is. It is important to remember the height and placement of a suspended vanity because it is mounted to the wall and not the floor. You also want to make sure for a suspended vanity that the plumbing will come from the wall and not the floor. Our experts can help you create an amazing look and feel in your bathroom with a suspended bathroom vanity.  

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Wood Vanities: There are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing the wood color for your bathroom vanity. If you have an all-white bathroom with lots of light, then painting the wood a dark espresso brown would add warmth and character to your room. If you have wood floors in your bedroom or hallway that match the wood of the vanity, then there is no need to paint it at all. Many people will want to keep their wood bathroom cabinets natural because they prefer a certain wood tone or want a more modern look. 

If you do decide to paint the wood, make sure to use a semi-gloss enamel paint which will help protect it from water damage over time. Be aware of wood tone undertones in the wood of the vanity and ensure that the wood tone is not too dark or light for your bathroom. Base wood tone on the color of your floor if it is visible in the room. 

Marble Vanities: Marble vanities can be a great addition to any home as they look beautiful from every angle. The marble makes a statement by itself, radiating classic opulence with its distinctive color palette and texture.  Marble bathroom vanity installations are very classy and contemporary looking for any bathroom, whether it is a powder room or full bath. It is also easy to clean and maintain, needing only a quick wipe with a soft cloth to keep it looking fresh all year round.  

Marbles come in many colors to complement any decor. Some options for a marble vanity include white marble, black marble, beige marble, blue marble, pink/rose-colored marble. The marbles have different finishes including a polished finish that has a shiny look to it and honed which gives off more of an “antiqued look”. Marble bathroom vanities can range anywhere from small cabinets that fit under your sink to large bathrooms cabinets that are floor standing.  

Metal Vanities: If you are looking for a different look than wood or marble, there is always the option of using stainless steel bathroom vanities. Stainless steel has been popular in kitchens and bathrooms for many years because it can withstand water damage and goes with changing trends. A metal vanity never needs to be painted so you are saving a step that way as well. There are several different styles that you can go for when choosing a metal vanity. You can go for a more modern look with your bathroom vanity or even rustic or industrial. 

Location:  Find the place in your bathroom remodel for your bathroom vanity that is just right! The location of your bathroom vanity depends on personal preference, such as under sink cabinets if you would like to keep your wood flooring visible or floor standing freestanding wood bathroom cabinets if you would like wood cabinets to contrast the wood flooring. However, there are many other places where wood bathroom cabinets can be placed including but not limited to: under windows, on the wall behind your toilet, in place of medicine cabinets in master bathrooms, above vanity sinks with a mirror hanging above on an accent wall. 

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