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Master Bath Remodels that Matter

The Master Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, when home buyers are looking at a new home, the room the buyers want to see is the master bath. An amazing and functional master bath adds value to your home in ways no other room can do except maybe the kitchen. I'm sure if we ask a psychologist they would babble on about it being a very intimate and private space where a homeowner wants to feel safe and comfortable. That may be true and so we go above and beyond to make that intimate space match your personality and feel luxurious. 

What do you want in a master bath?

This is the most important question we ask a new client. Some clients just want to update tile or update fixtures, some clients want a custom spa-like retreat some clients just want to do a facelift as they prepare to put their house on the market. No matter what your vision or goals are, we will listen and then put together a plan to make it happen.

Why do people remodel their bathrooms?

According to the reason most people remodel their bathroom, in order of popularity are: (people could give multiple answers so the total is greater than 100%)

39% Wanted to do it all along and finally have means

33% Can no longer stand the old bathroom

31% Old bathroom deteriorated or broke down

25% Want to personalize a recently purchased

No matter your reason for remodeling your bathroom, we will be there to make it a 


master bath remodel
incredible black and gold master bathroom remodel

Master Bathroom Trends

In terms of remodeling, a master bath remodel can be the most important remodeling job in your home. (depending on your kitchen) While your options are fairly simple, you will need professional help to ensure that everything goes smoothly – and there are plenty of things to keep in mind!

When it comes to remodeling a master bathroom, there are a few key things that may help you design your ideal space:

- Large shower makes for a dramatic master bathroom

- Separate tub for soaking (we are doing more free-standing tubs but tubs are out – people keep them for resale value)

- Instant water heater near the master bathroom

- Showerheads – quantity and style. We are doing multiple showerheads in almost all of our master bath remodels

- High-Quality tile floors and attractive wall surround

In order to come up with the best plan for remodeling your master bath, consider all of these things before calling a contractor. In addition, you should also consider the size of your bathroom, the amount of space available for remodeling, and what remodeling ideas you have in mind. Speaking with one of the designers from our McKinney location can help you solidify your thoughts into an actionable plan.

If you would like more information about remodeling a master bath, or if you are ready to remodel now, keep these things in mind as well as Bath Envy's remodeling services! We offer design consultation, demo, plumbing work, shower installation (tile and glass showers), tub installation (tub-to-shower conversions), tiling (ceramic tile and marble slab floors), electrical services (including recessed lighting and ceiling fans) – whatever you need to make your master bathroom remodel dreams come true.

Bath Envy offers professional master bathroom remodeling McKinney homeowners can trust, remodeling at competitive prices to give you the best remodel.

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